Business Planning

Oxaliz specializes in implementing Business Planning software solution. Our implementation will of BUSINESS PLANNING will help many organizations develop, implement and improve budgeting, forecasting, financial, sales and other strategic Solutions.

Clinical Programming

Our Clinical solutions experts and consultants provides the most efficient Clinical Research programming for any applications in the market, while also providing best-of-breed Programming and RDC functionality.

Remote Data Capture

Our clinical research solutions experts and consultants the most integrated Remote Data Capture (RDC) application on the market, while also providing best-of-breed RDC functionality.

Wireless / Mobility

Experience, strong partnerships, technology leadership and global presence are the key to solutions excellence for each of Oxaliz 's enterprise software projects.

Optimize eBusiness

Companies with a well planned strategy for navigating the turns can gain significantly over the competition during an industry turn. They should monitor indicators and develop a business-cycle mindset. And strive to make their biggest fixed costs variable. Most importantly, they should develop the capability to respond fast, when the industry cycle does turn.

About Oxaliz

Oxaliz, with our deep industry and technology expertise, global resources, and a proven track record can mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to help clients make smarter decisions, faster.

Expertise and quality

though our unwavering focus on Business, Performance and Planning.

Accelerated delivery

through proven, established methodologies and defined solutions and service offerings.

Superior economics

though on-shore and dual-shore delivery models and the unique needs of each client.

Global Delivery Model

Oxaliz relies on processes to consistently deliver high quality solutions while executing engagements from multiple locations.
  • Processes
    Our values, vision and policies form the first level of our three-tiered process architecture.
  • Quality
    Quality covers all our processes, interfaces and outputs, in management, core and support process.
  • Risk Mitigation
    At Oxaliz , a detailed plan for risk identification, monitoring and mitigation is a part of project planning.
  • Infrastructure
    Well-defined Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans at organization and client level.
  • Security
    Regular external audits to ensure compliance and cover blind spots.
  • Confidentiality and Privacy
    Access restrictions and controls for all Information Assets.


Oxaliz Technologies, LLC , an internationally-recognized leader in Technology and Management consulting, offers a dynamic and award-winning environment where opportunities for learning and career growth are limitless.


Our people work hard, inspire each other and celebrate success. We meet the challenges of a competitive, evolving marketplace by remaining true to the values that underline our corporate culture.


At Oxaliz, innovation and creative thinking are not only welcomed, but also encouraged. We recognize the importance of providing an environment that inspires people to realize their full potential.

Compensation and Benefits

Oxaliz offers highly competitive compensation and benefits. Our goal is to create truly world-class compensation and benefits programs that can create stronger and longer relationships with our employees.

Bonus Programs

Oxaliz employees may be eligible for bonus plans in addition to their base pay. These include Sales Compensation Plans, Team Bonus Plans, and the Annual and Quarterly Incentive Plans for special positions. Special Recognition awards are given to recognize above and beyond contributions and results.